Bill Nye: It's Not Fair Anti-Vaxxers Allow COVID to Mutate In Their Bodies

Published May 3, 2021 1,337 Views

Rumble NYE: "The argument that I’ve made for many years, and I’m not the first guy to make this argument, is that if a person doesn’t get vaccinated and he or she gets infected, it will mutate in that person. Now I’ve noticed that people don’t like to use the word mutate because that’s associated with evolution, the facts of life. We'll use the word 'variant.' Fine. It will vary in that person and then that could infect me, and that’s not fair, right? Everybody on the other side says, 'It’s not fair to make me wear a mask. It’s not fair to make me get vaccinated.' Well, it’s not fair to everybody else if you become an incubator for a variant, doggone it."