2 years ago

RFID-UHF Attendance Checkin So Simple You'll Doubt It's Real

How to do fast and easy attendance check-in with UHF employee badges?

This video shows how to use Bluetooth enabled UHF reader connected via Bluetooth to Android Galaxy S6 Lite tablet running stratus-io Attendance Check-in app.

The standard CR80 sized employee badge can be ready easily from 6 feet (2 meters) and more as desired (or reduce the power of the UHF RFID reader to require the badge to be closer before it can be read)

Cloud-In-Hand stratus-io check-in is so fast and easy you may not believe that you can be setup and running in less than one day.

Contact cloud-in-hand support for information on how to setup the easiest and fastest attendance solution every invented, the competition watches this closely and they are always trying to play catch-up!

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