Adorable calf with zoomies runs around like a big farm puppy

Published May 3, 2021 22,782 Views $6.00 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsBobby is a new calf who is getting used to his long legs, and he can't contain his joy. It's a sunny day in the meadow, and he can't resist the urge to show off his speed for his mother and the other cows in the field. They are living a good life on this wonderful farm. They have acres of lush, green grass for grazing, ponds full of fresh water to drink from, and forests to explore and find shade from the sun. They roam free in all but the harshest months when it becomes too cold to be outside. Life here is as close as what nature intended for these gentle beasts.

Bobby's mother, Clarice, watches patiently as he runs around her and then takes off. He runs back and seems to want to head butt her to challenge her to keep up with him on his laps around the herd. She wants no part of the running as she is content to eat the grass and relax in the sunshine.

The rest of the herd looks a little confused by Bobby's antics as well, but a few of the other calves look like they are tempted to join him. They watch in astonishment as he runs like he's just drank an energy drink.

Watching these cows and calves, it becomes clear that they are gentle and peaceful animals that deserve proper treatment. The farmers here believe that herd health is more of a priority than profit, and they provide the best conditions and care possible. It costs a little more to produce beef in this way, but supporting the farmers who do things right means far less cruelty and anxiety for the animals. Factory farms typically have their animals indoors where they are crowded, and veterinary care is too expensive when profit is sacrificed. For this reason, many people who choose to eat meat are seeking local farms where they can see how the animals are raised. It's more ethical, and it's more environmentally friendly to buy food locally too.