What Does This Mean? | Lance Wallnau

Published May 3, 2021 718 Views


What does this mean? I keep hearing this Johnny Cash song in my head. What are we supposed to do in the midst of this slow
Motion train wreck we are watching in America? What did they just do to Rudy? Man, that makes me mad.
I got a message through to President Trump. It’s about the 15 rallies he’s about to do. We need to repent as a nation. As the left divides us by race and sex and gender we must either be divided and wrecked or be “One nation under God.”
(Just listen to the last two minutes and you’ll get the 💡 idea I’m a thinkin bout)
But there is a glory train coming to the earth. An awakening coming to us. We need a track and action to make traction! The church has to fight for the preservation of the nation and the freedom given to it. There’s a practical track and a spiritual track. By 2022 Midterms will we have traction? We can see a turning of many to Christ and recover power to arrest our destruction in Congress and possibly the Senate.

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