Dolores Cahill, Dr. Anne McCloskey, Health Freedom Rally Speeches Cork City, Ireland - 1 May 2021

Published May 3, 2021 258 Views

Rumble A recording of the speeches given by Dolores Cahill, Dr. Anne McCloskey and Diarmuid O'Cadhla at the Freedom health Event in Cork City, Ireland in association with World Freedom Alliance - May 1 - 2021.
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DISCLAIMER - This edition of the irish megaphone is a journalistic recording of an event that took place in Cork city on May 1st/2021. Some of the views expressed in the following speeches may conflict with official Irish Government or HSE Covid 19 guidelines and advice - viewer discernment is advised. The suggestions, views and strategies contained herein may not be suitable for your particular situation and you should always consult with a professional where appropriate. This content is presented here as a journalistic record only and does not necessarily represent the views of this channel.