10 Classic Jello Pudding Recipes

2 years ago

If you've got a box of instant pudding mix in your kitchen cabinet, you're well on your way to dessert. Using pudding in dessert recipes is a good way to add flavor and texture, whether your pudding dessert is a no-bake pie, poke cake, cheesecake or cookies. We've rounded up a whole list of Jello pudding recipes that are easy to make and taste so good. These dessert recipes will have you stocking up on boxes of instant pudding just so you can have the perfect yummy treat any time.

- Make pudding pies with Cool Whip, chocolate pudding, all on a graham cracker crust. The cream pie filling is quick and easy and can be doctored up with cream cheese, whipped cream, or even chocolate chips.

- Craving a no-bake dessert? Use butterscotch or vanilla pudding mix and turn it into a creamy mousse by folding in whipped cream, meringue, or marshmallow fluff. It'll be your new favorite dessert! Layer it with berries for a delightful parfait treat.

- Add vanilla instant pudding mix to vanilla cupcakes to add moistness.

- In the mood for ice cream? Freeze chocolate pudding with peanut butter in popsicle molds for a tasty treat.

- The addition of pudding mix in brownies and cookies makes them chewy and delectable.

- Our of cocoa powder to make fudge? Use pudding mix!

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