Incredible UFO in the Bangkok sky

Published May 2, 2021 165 Views

Rumble On January 10, 2021, this video was sent to me via Facebook by a passenger flying from London to Bangkok, Thailand.
These UFO models are known in the world as white gold UFOs because the silver cover of the UFO color is very transparent and it is kind of happy and golden if in the first sight we see the gray color.In 2020, I received a lot of reports from Indonesia and Vietnam about this UFO. It was all interesting, both by the pilots and the passengers, which surprised me.A very important question is why this UFO was more active in the skies of East Asia and Australia?
To find this answer, I contacted my old source, who is based in the highlands of Mongolia, by satellite. It gave me valuable information.The UFO had a skirmish on January 20 in southwest China with China's state-of-the-art fifth-generation fighter, which the Chinese regime has never been interested in leaking.On February 1, 2021, the Indian Air Force had an air battle with this UFO on the border between China and India.On February 19, Russian forces clashed with the UFO near the Chinese border, and even the Russian air defense fired missiles.The golden point of this UFO was the fierce battle with military fighters in the sky.But why did the armies of India, China and Russia fight this UFO in the sky?When I think of this UFO, I do not get any results, I just realize. This UFO definitely has a missing person that it is finding on the planet Earth.On February 26, 2021, a passenger on a plane bound for Hong Kong said he had seen the UFO flying very close to the plane..Conclusion This UFO knows exactly which is a military aircraft and which is a passenger aircraft, and it understands this difference well, so it shows We are dealing with an alien civilization that has sufficient knowledge of humanity and has long been in contact with humans.

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