JMC LIVE 5-1-2021 Are You Recognizable As A Christian

Published May 1, 2021

Jeremy and Miranda Read from the May 2021 edition of The Voice Of The Martyrs Magazine and discuss the Topic "Are You Recognizable As A Christian"
Songs Performed "You Can Say It To Him" and "Midnight Cry"

From the President of Voice of the Martyrs: Facial Recognition

Isaiah 49:15​
Psalm 56:8
Revelation 22:12​
Matthew 26:67
John 16:25​-33

Social Credit Systems
Ali Fenwick Professor of Organizational Behavior & Innovation​

"Do not be the last pages of the Bible: Jesus is victor!" Corrie Ten Boom

Bonus material: China’s social credit scoring system has now spread to Canada Apr 27, 2021​

All Rights to Songs "You Can Say It To Him" and "Midnight Cry" belong to their respected owners
All Rights to Intro Song belong to Jeremy and Miranda Caverley

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