Newsmax: Who Is In Control of Joe Biden Reverse Speech

Published May 1, 2021 347 Views

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FB Post from the Video with Ally in it-

F1: [Oh that's the question we are all asking. It's really]
R1: Kill-her-snake psy horror-win show can say the law.
F = 0:00:04 to 0:00:06, R = 0:00:04 to 0:00:06
- Connected to the question of what’s really going on is a show that is a psyop proclaiming it will kill her snake or deception and temptation so that a horror show wins connected to Joe Biden. Other RS has connected this to the global transhuman trafficking syndicate hubbed in Israel that is rolling out a global genocide that is a sham, or showing you something that is actually disguised as something else. In Hebrew a Sho’ah is a Holocaust. I believe RS is sometimes shortening that word to “show.”

F2: [Kamala Harris says]
R2: Says Siri home.
F = 0:00:18 to 0:00:19, R = 0:00:18 to 0:00:19
- Connected to Kamala Harris speaking is an Ai assistant connected to home. Other RS has indicated this transhuman nut ball Adams Family trafficking network is trying to make a home for their Ai by infecting humanity with biowarfare connected to nanodust that is pulsed through the Internet of things with programming instructions as the weaponized grid uses humans as batteries to siphon energy in various ways.

F3: [behind the scenes cabal]
R3: Whore mucks knees. Send our hub.
F = 0:00:22 to 0:00:24, R = 0:00:22 to 0:00:24
- Connected to behind the scenes is the Whore, likely the Whore Ai many others have mentioned in their RS, who trashes who your are subservient to. In other words it indoctrinates and programs you to move away from God by sending its hub. I’ve said repeatedly that the Whore’s global hub is in Israel where she collects humans to do her dirty work.