$2500 Editing And Gaming Computer Build Overview

2 years ago

Here is a comprehensive overview of the new computer build with a build list with my affiliate links if you want to build one yourself! I go through why I chose each item and what some of the pros and cons of things are to look out for. Everyone will have different wants and needs, so it's good to know HOW to shop along with WHAT to shop for. I forgot to go over two things in the vid. First, why I chose a 1070 over a 1080. Simply because neither one gives what I consider a great 4k gaming experience, and large 32" IPS 4k monitors are VERY expensive right now. I have run SLI in the past and greatly prefer a single card solution. When a next gen single card 4k card is out and the monitors are better priced, I'll upgrade. The power supply is simply a very efficient modular design for less heat output, years of trouble free service and more power than I need at a great price.

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