Why the Media Have a Liberal Bias

2 years ago

Media, including news and entertainment and also computer search engines and public forums, have had a liberal bias. We the skeptical viewers are aware of that fact and very reasonably are upset. But why does it exist? What causes that bias?

Here, Edward Harshman attempts, in a 45-minute presentation, to show the social and economic causes of this problem.

First, the profit-maximizing motive of media, including but not limited to a mentally lazy client base.

Second, the rational reasons why media executives are under pressure to impose a liberal bias on their media even when doing so does not maximize profit.

Third, the irrational forces that afflict media executives and are not explainable by profit for their employers or for themselves.

This video is closed-captioned and is very fast-moving, with a fact density (concepts presented per unit of time) that is extremely high. If your intelligence is below average, do not expect to understand it. The intended audience for this video is people who truly want to learn about media bias, which is not the same as people who accept media bias as a basic fact of life or who deny that it exists. Liberal people who deny reality will be upset.

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