Amazing Fall in Northern Canada

Published May 1, 2021 64 Views

Rumble This video was posted by my secret source in northern Canada on March 27
An hour ago, I made a long-distance satellite connection to the Antarctic underground base after receiving this video.
They told me about the strange falls at the pole. I also reconnected with the professor and
the scientist at the Forbidden Island underground base. They told me about the strange falls in Russia and the Atlantic Ocean.
My secret sources around the world have confirmed that this is not a Falcon 9,
this is not a UFO.This landing is a giant spacecraft on planet Earth.An hour ago,
a large secret conference was held between the world powers of China, the United States, Russia,
the European Union and Australia on this phenomenon.I emphasize that extraterrestrials are landing all over the world.
8 hours ago I contacted a secret source on Mount Everest. He informed me that
the Chinese military had installed state-of-the-art UFO tracking equipment with the participation of the United States and Russia.
I hope the alien angels and messengers of light have come here to defend the earth.In the latest report on my quantum laptop by a scientist based
at the Alaska Atomic and Space Countermeasures Base that the Anunnaki aliens are only a year away from reaching Earth orbit.I warn
people around the world to be careful as hard days await the world
I Want to believe We are not alone.