Kenmore Elite Fan Error Code Er Rf Refrigerator Repair Model 795.72043.316

Published April 30, 2021 9 Views

Rumble Error Code Er Rf displays on the readout above the ice dispenser. Uh oh. Refrigerator fan not working properly.

Kenmore Elite Double Door Lower Freezer Refrigerator started making loud fan rattling noises, but when we opened the french doors on top, the fan noise would stop. It started a week ago, but would stop overnight, but seemed to get worse. Then, yesterday, Er Rf Error code shows up. I thought it was the freezer, so pulled out all food into coolers, pulled back panel off, defrosted evaporator coils, put back together. When plugged back in, lasted 10-15 minutes, then Er-Rf code reappears.

Unplugged late last night, plugged back in before bed. This morning...Er Rf code there, fridge at about 60 degrees.

Pulled out all drawers, then removed back panel. Defrosted with Wagner HT3500 heat gun on lowest temp high speed setting. Took about two hours total time.

Cleaned everything really well...spring cleaning, right?!?