Pharmageddon: The Crony Capitalist, Corporate Genocide

3 years ago

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Swine Flu Exposed in 2009 - trial run for Covaids, govts bought tons of vaccines and no one really died except from the vax:

All Scientists Forced To Retire After Realizing The Science Is Now Settled:

Corona Investigative Legal Committee:

Texas will never mandate injection. Recognizes natural immunity. No C19 passports EVER and status kept confidential, protected, and secure:

Canada: Home of the CanUCKS - WhatsHerFace:

Image used twice:

Identical footage from almost a year ago during a chemical leak being shown from India right now claiming it's the #CovidIndia outbreak. Still think we're not being conned?:

Erectile Dysfunction Risk 6 Times Higher in Men With COVID:

Why are we still listening to Kill Gates song:

Mask mandate goes into effect for kids ages 2 to 4 in Michigan:

“I want to put an end to all the rumors. I want to show people that there is no danger in getting vaccinated. On the contrary, it will protect us."

Federal Australian health minister Greg Hunt does interview with COVID-19 Great Reset book highlighted behind him:

Fake News: Photoshopped picture of Himalayas used to show how Covaids has made air quality better:

Every ‘leader’ in world all read same script about ‘building back better’:

Huge protests in Italy:

Strict limits have been placed on withdrawals per day in #WhatsHappeningInMyanmar Hundreds of people queuing up to withdraw money at ATMs (this is why crypto):

JPMorgan to offer wealthy clients access to bitcoin fund:

India vows to HANG officials for delaying Covid oxygen supplies :

IRS is probing the dark web to look for cryptocurrency and NFT tax evasion, says IRS commissioner:

Pirate Chain (ARRR) Price Predictions: Where Will the ARRR Crypto Go After Sky-High Gains?:

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