1 year ago

Biden's MASSIVE Power Grab "WE...the GOVERNMENT" ?!!

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The Biden administration is trying to TAKE our country and the President isn't even pretending to hide it! In today's show, TrishIntel.com publisher Trish Regan examines the very deliberate, very calculated move to make "we the people"... "we the government." Heck, the President even said it!

Plus, find out how the left is trying to destroy the conservative black Senator Tim Scott from South Carolina. The woke left mob called him "Uncle Tim" for DARING to challenge the narrative that American is a racist place.

Trish also looks at the left's return to a specific narrative that Trump supporters are "white nationalists and terrorists." If Americans want lower taxes and individual freedoms -- that's somehow being interpreted as something so heinous?

And, with this massive power grab coming from our government, you need to think hard about how to protect your savings and your future. Trish has been a big fan of bitcoin since she first began covering it in 2012 -- and if you think it's highly valued at $55k a coin...wait until you hear what one of her guests says about how he values each coin. Hint: it's MASSIVE. Bitcoin really could be going to the moon!

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