April thumbs ups and thumbs downs! w/ Maria Cernat & Boyan Stanislavski

Published April 29, 2021 12 Views

Rumble On the barricades ― s02e24
Because it's the last Sunday of the month, the hosts of "On the Barricades" will discuss their April thumbs ups and thumbs downs. Maria Cernat and Boyan Stanislavski will address the situation in East Ukraine and Russia, as well as the Czech Republic and Poland's bizarre moves against Moscow.
Aside from that, the results of the most recent Bulgarian parliamentary election will be considered. It will soon be a month since the election, and there appear to be no prospects for forming a government. Are there going to be early elections?
Also, Romania. One of the right-wing parties in parliament proposed legislation requiring schools to adjust their schedules to meet the needs of the horeca (hotels, restaurants, and coffee shops) industry! Furthermore, an incredible situation occurred in which the prime minister fired the minister of health, resulting in a war between two right-wing political celebrities.
The situation in Poland, where the ruling right-wing coalition is led by the conservative-fundamentalist party Law and Justice, will also be briefly discussed. In Poland, early elections are not out of the question.