Going to work in Monday morning

Published April 29, 2021 18 Views

Rumble If you think cats are lazy because they seem to be sleeping all the time, you may be half right. Cats sleep an average of 13 to 16 hours a day. If a human did that, he'd be called a slacker. The age and general health of the cat has a lot to do with how many hours he will sleep. His living arrangements, too, come into play. A strictly indoor cat with little mental stimulation may become bored and take naps because there's not much else to do. Bottom line, cats may appear lazy because of their normal sleeping patterns.

Today's domestic cat is evolved from the African wild cat, a desert animal. As with all desert animals, cats conserve energy during the daytime and become more energetic at night. The big cats are still nocturnal and do their hunting under cover of night, while domestic cats have evolved to be crepuscular, meaning they are more active at dusk and dawn. Cats will sleep 85 percent of their day away. Only 40 percent of that is regular sleep, while 15 percent is spent in deep slumber. The rest of the time is spent in resting or just hanging out. You see your cat spending so much time catching zzzzz's you begin to think he's lazy, but he's really just being a cat.

If your kitty seems to spend most of the day sleeping like an angel, don't be too alarmed. She's just being a typical feline. Cats love to nap and tend to spend more time asleep than awake. Oh, to possess the enviable existence of a cozy house cat.

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