A Free Republic – A Democracy – No Longer!

Published April 29, 2021 66 Views

The United States Constitution – a Brilliant document – the Envy of the World! This document has given the world a Nation that is Free, Strong, Vigilant, Compassionate, Self-Sacrificing, Courageous, Merciful, Selfless, and Endlessly Generous! It is a Guiding Light and a Savior for all immigrants that are fleeing from Authoritarian Death Grip of Tyrannical Totalitarian police states and countries! It has battled for Peace throughout the world several times against Regimes of Great Evil! It has Ended Slavery, given Voting Rights to Women and African Americans! It has ensured Freedom and Liberty for all people! The United States Constitution has created and ensured an everlasting Republic and a Democracy for our Great Nation! The United States is a Great Beacon of Freedom for the World!

We have a constitution that limits the controlling powers of the government and does not limit the will and the rights of the people. We are the only country in the world that possesses a constitution that allows for this action; No restraints nor limitations on our American culture and Individual Liberties! Americans should not be afraid of what to think and where to go. We have Freedom of Speech without Retribution from the government. We have State of the Art World Class Medical Facilities and Medicines – that are affordable and can be easily accessible to everyone. We have the lowest form of poverty, unemployment, and the Greatest of all Technologies. Not to mention, we have the greatest standards of living compared to the rest of the world!

Our Magnificent and Fearless Forefathers Gave Us the Greatest Document Every Written for the Greatest Country Every Created! This Document is No longer Valid nor Desired by the Democrats!

After reading for several months the United States Constitution, I have found that Liberal/Democrats vehemently hate and never follow the Constitution “as Written”! All Democrat Leadership are under great influence from the younger generational Socialist marvellers that strive to gain, by force, all items of Life from their fellow citizenry! Democrats want and need Socialism now for all time!

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