Additional Issues for The International Court of Justice-Blood Money 15-Apr 25 2021 By Anna VonReitz

Published April 28, 2021 34 Views

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Additional Issues for The International Court of Justice -- Blood Money 15 - Our Employees April 25, 2021 By Anna Von Reitz

Our particular kind of government allows for one State Assembly in each State of the Union. This is the sovereign and unincorporated State in each case. Together, these States by custom and for their mutual self-interest, delegate certain of their international and global powers to The United State of America. Both The United States and The United States of America being referenced are unincorporated entities employed as instrumentalities by the fifty (50) sovereign States of the Union.
As of the first of October 2020 the pre-Civil War State Assemblies voted unanimously to enroll the western Territorial States created under the Northwest Ordinance since 1860 and chosen to make enrollment effective with the date and time that these states entered Territorial Statehood.
All fifty (50) States of the Union are populated, all fifty (50) State Assemblies are in Session, and all members of these Assemblies are properly declared and publicly recorded birthright Americans. All fifty (50) are fully empowered, enrolled, and endowed with equal powers.
Our State Assemblies are lawful, unincorporated, and have standing as sovereign states under national, international, and global law.
Our paid Federal Employees who are by definition District Persons/PERSONS have been running around behind us, trying to put together District Assemblies populated by District Personnel, because they are struggling under the misapprehension that we need Confederate States, that is, States of States, to function in international trade and global commerce.
This is not the case. The incapacity of the Confederation and the incapacity of the Federal Republic are both moot issues in the face of the actual Federation of States.
Our unincorporated Federation of States, The United States of America, which is the source of all the delegated powers in international and global jurisdictions, is completely competent to function in both international trade and global commerce without any representation or grant of agency. Indeed, our Federation did exactly that for a period of five years and has the option of doing so now --- and has availed itself of that option.
Both the Territorial United States and the Municipal United States must stand down and cease and desist from all efforts to impersonate us, to interject themselves as our agents, or to otherwise pretend to be us or represent us apart from their clearly enumerated constitutional obligations.
The Principals responsible for these organizations are required by Treaty and Commercial Contract to cease and desist attempts to latch our assets, traffic our assets, securitize our assets or in any other way pretend authorities never vouchsafed to them.
The Pope, the Queen, and the Lord Mayor together with their respective Governments, have no authority or occasion to impersonate us, substitute themselves and their citizenry for us, or to conduct business for us; as we are present and accounted for and taking care of our own affairs.
We have served Public Notice and Due Process of these facts to these Principals and throughout the International Community, and we are addressing The International Court of Justice, Vatican Chancery Court, and the Court of the Lord High Steward in affirmation of these truths.

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