Mastering your Core Fears

Published April 27, 2021 10 Views

Rumble 2 steps to master your core fears.

Virtually every issue of scarcity comes from an internal state of fear.

Fear also creates an abundance limit, because fear’s job is to keep us ‘safe and secure’.

Staying small is often safer than being seen, heard, and noticed.

If we want to be truly wealthy in all aspects of our lives, we have to make friends with fear because fear is here to stay.

Fear is actually the very first reflex or emotion that we are capable of feeling.
It kicks in as early as 9 weeks of gestation when you are only the size of a jellybean.

Yes, as early as that!

Imagine floating around peacefully inside your mum’s safe womb space when you get jolted by a surge of fear for the first time.

Our entire nervous system is constructed on and around this fear reflex.

Fear is our guidance system.

On a physical level, fear warns us about danger.

On a spiritual/mental level, fear is often the first indication that we are not connected to our higher selves and that we need to do something about that.

The negative thing about fear is that it can hijack our lives.

Fear is a constricting energy, which means that it blocks the flow of energy.

I am talking about the flow of money, the flow of love, the natural flow of your immune system, your happy hormones etc.

During my teaching programs, I show my students how to master their core fears and how to free themselves from the cycle of fear, worry, and stress.

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