Chinese auto industry in plagiarism scandal; Cooperation between Chinese military and Wuhan lab?

Published April 27, 2021 227 Views $0.04 earned

Rumble Alleged ties between Wuhan’s virology lab and the Chinese military. Documents from a state-funded project seemingly reveal evidence of their collaboration.

A new plagiarism scandal strikes in China. An automaker there is found to have copied car designs from Western vehicles.

Another big company finds itself in Beijing’s crosshairs. The communist regime is launching a new antitrust investigation into an online food delivery giant. That's after targeting E-commerce giant Alibaba.

A wind farm project near a U-S Air Force base at the Southern border is in the spotlight. It's owned by a former officer from China's military. But a new bill in Texas is putting a stop to foreign nationals getting quite so close to American military centers.

And a Hong Kong immigrant tells her story of harassment from Communist China. Since fleeing to Canada, she's faced continuous phishing calls and email scams, all working to track her down.