Police caught mocking dementia suffering grandmother after arrest

Published April 27, 2021 115 Views

Rumble Police officers in Loveland, Colorado were seen making fun of a 73-year-old woman as they watched bodycam footage of her arrest. The violent encounter with police left Karen Garner with a dislocated shoulder and fractured elbow.

The woman, later confirmed to be living with dementia, was detained last year after she walked out of a Walmart without paying for $14 worth of products. Her family claim the fallout from the arrest has been detrimental to her long-term health.
Newly released footage shows officers fist-bumping and laughing as they watch footage of the struggle, while joking about the audible ‘pop’ of her shoulder being pulled out of its socket.

Loveland PD refused to comment on the video footage, pending the results of official investigations into the incident.

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