Dr Tenpenny and Rinat Stahlhofer, We Are Not SAM - “Fighting 5G is about Boots On The Ground ACTION”

Published April 27, 2021 9,536 Views

Rumble Rinat Strahlhofer, the creator of the We Are Not SAM campaign, a global campaign which seeks to educate and empower people about the health and other negative impacts of smart phones and wireless radiation. More than a decade ago, Rinat worked as a marketing specialist for Australia's largest telecommunications company in a team responsible for the company's then ground-breaking $1 billion 3G rollout.
Deeply disillusioned by the lack of industry regulation, safety science and ability to respond to community concerns, she left her job – and continued to dive deep in to the research and corruption of Big Telco.

Rinat now spends her time standing up to the destructive forces of corporate greed and questioning the relentless push for 'bigger, faster, better' technology.

Who or What is SAM? SAM is a dummy used by the telecommunications industry across the world to test ‘safety’ of radiation given off mobile phones. During the test, the SAM plastic head is filled with a liquid to see if it heats up 1C within a 6-minute call. If not, the phone is considered ‘safe.’ With more than 2000 studies that have been published showing biological harm from cell phone radiation, EMFs, and 5G, she’s determined to make a difference, and that starts with Boycotting 5G phones, this is the remote control to their planned dystopian future.

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