*Trust (Full Series)

3 years ago

I needed to get a few things off my chest, and I don't know how to put it more plain and simple: we are being lied to. In this series I share a few perspectives on these "solutions" being offered, and why there's a looming realization in many people that something is just... off.

Most of the stuff I speak on is highly censored on the platforms I'm most active on – @67podcast Instagram – but thanks to Rumble for allowing me to speak censorship-free. If you're new to my perspective, check out the "3 Big Lies" video, or "The One About Vackseenz" which is sure to be an eye opener.

As always I say, make your own informed choices, and consider both sides to the mainstream (mostly fear-driven) narrative. I've put together a whole PDF of resources to back up the claims in my other videos – https://campsite.bio/67podcast



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