Carl Schmitt & Constitutional Dictatorship (5-6-20)

3 years ago

00:00 What's going on in Luke's bedroom
02:00 The Guy Ritchie 2019 movie The Gentlemen is racist and anti-semitic
05:00 Keith Woods deletes his twitter
13:00 Presidential power
17:00 What Are Jews For?: History, Peoplehood, and Purpose,
23:00 The End of Law: Carl Schmitt in the Twenty-First Century, Second Edition,
34:00 The Poison in Our System (excerpt) by Carl Joachim Friedrich,
40:00 Yale Law: Constitutional Dictatorship: Its Dangers and Its Design
57:00 The Right and "muh freedom" and Lord Acton
1:18:45 Tucker Carlson on covid-19 fever, devastated economy
1:45:00 Between Banality and Catholicism (Carl Schmitt)
2:09:25 Ramzpaul on murderous hornets,
2:13:35 Time to get rid of the WTO?
2:17:20 Sam Hyde urges us to stay home for another year
3:04:45 Bill Gates's connection with Jeffrey Epstein
3:07:30 The story I broke on Bill Gates's expulsion from Harvard,

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