Rapture, Events, Nibiru, Yellowstone, Muslims, Russia and bred Creatures ❤️ Love Letter from Jesus

Published April 25, 2021 75 Views

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Jesus speaks about the Rapture, Events, Nibiru,
Yellowstone, Muslims, Russia & Bred Creatures

March 2, 2015 - Words from Jesus to Sister Clare

Jesus began... “The Destroyer will not come until the end. The things you have been shown are to happen after you are taken. This will be a record for some that they not lose hope but see clearly that I am in control, they can take Me at My word, and it is not hopeless.“

“I want mankind to have confidence in Me and My Mercy. That is why I have foretold these events, at least in part. To have some kind of roadmap will give them security, they can see things unfolding and will know I foretold and am in control. I already said that, didn’t I?”

“Well, I am repeating it because it is so important that men not fall into despair. The temptation to fall into despair will be very powerful and by this the Devil will snatch many away in his grip.“

“You must know, Remnant of Earth, there will be an end to the tragedy and the day will come when all is restored in pristine purity and evil is harnessed. In those times whatever evil emerges will be from the hearts of men, not demons. And there will be a baptism by fire to cleanse the Earth and the hearts of men. It will never be forgotten by those remaining alive. And yet as time goes by, men will forget as they did at the waters of Meribah and again I shall be forced to purify the evil from Earth – this time for good.

“The Destroyer (The planet Nibiru) will not come until you are removed, My Brides. There will be a season of chaos directly after you leave in which nations will conquer nations and Marshall Law will be installed under Shariah principles (Islamic Law). All that do not renounce Me will be slain. All that take the Mark of the Beast, well, they will perish. Know that My Mercy shall know no boundaries for those who call to Me in these times.“

“Rise up, My People and call unto Me, and I will save you. Trust Me, trust Me, even with your heads. What you suffer on Earth will be nothing compared to those with the Mark. The beasts you questioned Me about are being bred inside the Earth. They, too, will come forth to wreak havoc at the appropriate time.”

“The living will envy the dead. This goes for every species, not just man. Do I not love each and every creature with tenderness and devotion? Do I not provide for them every day: water to swim in, food to eat, sun to warm… My providence abounds. But, they will come to Me during the worst part, as many already have and are happily with Me in Heaven. Clare, I love all creatures. I know how to ease their suffering. Trust Me.”

“All of creation is suffering for this sinful generation, All. It is the consummation and pinnacle of evil from the very beginning.”

“Things are going to gradually deteriorate as the planet gets closer and satan will be in a hurry to impose his agenda on mankind. There will be desperate attempts to force the Mark (Mark of the Beast) and the suffering of those with families will be devastating. But, I will be with them to give them strength – only just endure to the end, for the Crown of Victory awaits you.“


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