Surgery? How to avoid inexperienced or ineffective specialists-Sanjay Prasad-MD–CEO - SurgiQuality

Published April 24, 2021 1 Views

Rumble Primary care doctors and patients are exposing a gap in the health system exacerbating cost and quality - around surgeries. Up to 30% of them lack proven necessity, and a smaller percentage of customers will suffer (painful) complications. Despite the existence of cost and quality shopping assistance for recommended interventions, the market still lacks a comprehensive tool to connect patients with surgeons with better outcomes and proven cost-efficiency.

A surgeon himself, Dr. Prasad designed SurgiQuality to give patients (and primary doctors and payors) this missing tool. Analyzing surgeons based on numeric procedures ("a busy surgeon is a good surgeon") as well as successes versus complications, Sanjay's venture empowers patients via well-informed decisions. Further, his process avoids unnecessary surgery but when needed - reduces needed surgeries to zero Out of Pocket for the patient.

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