Challenge Issued, The Ball is Now In Premier Ford's Court

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3 years ago

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There is a lot of emerging safety data that is worth talking about revolving around inoculations, masking and physical distancing. We will be joined by special guest Dr Byram Bridle, an Associate Professor of Viral Immunology at the University of Guelph Ontario. You likely know that Dr Bridle and some associates have issued a public debate challenge to Premier Ford and his medical staff.
We hope by hosting this that we can help to encourage a larger number of Canadians to engage in awareness of this opportunity, and thereby create a significant public demand for meaningful discourse with elected officials.
Dr Bridle states that he is particularly passionate about effects of isolation policies on children. We will hear from Dr Bridle how this initiative came about, the objectives they hope to reach, and the reception they expect from the public and the establishment.

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