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New World Order, One World Religion, Persecution & Martyrdom ❤️ Love Letter from Jesus

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Jesus speaks on... The New World Order, World Religion Islam, Persecution & Martyrdom

December 7, 2015 – Words from Jesus to Sister Clare

(Clare) God bless you, Heartdwellers. The Lord is truly leading and guiding us. I have a very, very special message today.

(Jesus) “I am so glad you are now taking Me seriously.”

(Clare) Here He talks about me believing Him, that the world is winding down and the Rapture is coming closer. 'Lord, I really want to check the news, in the worst way.'

(Jesus) “You won’t see much until the moment it happens. I will send you little snippets that are faith builders…to encourage you that your thinking is on the right track and you really are hearing from Me. But please, Clare – stay out of the news.”

(Clare) Lord, You’re killing me! I want to see the news.

(Jesus) “What can I say to such a stubborn self-willed Bride?”

(Clare) There is hope for you, Dear?

(Jesus) “It’s growing dim. If you don’t trust My judgment on things after all these years….”

(Clare) But, my curiosity is killing me.

(Jesus) “I will send you what you need to know… but you... Stay out of the news.”

(Clare) It seems that all these terrorist cells are entering countries as refugees.

(Jesus) “Not all but many, enough to make the difference when Islam is declared the world religion.”

(Clare) How can that happen? People see how horrible it is.

(Jesus) “The government will force the issue. Your faith in Me will have to be denied in writing, in order to keep 'world peace.'”

(Clare) But even factions of Islam kill each other.

(Jesus) “That, too, will come to an artificial end during this time of scripted and contrived peace. This will be touted as the solution to all men’s ills... A religion that does not offend Islam. All will sign this document or be beheaded. It’s just that simple.

“There will be a coup in your government. Suddenly Islamic candidates will rise to power just as your president did, by stealth and intrigue, coming from nowhere and preaching a platform of world peace. Prosperity and progressiveness will be touted as the banner of the day, even as it was in Hitler’s day – and those who wish to be fashionable and accepted will easily fall into line, for their glory is their shame.”

(Clare) But Islam does not allow for homosexuality?

(Jesus) “It will. This new brand of Islam will; the Mahdi will be a homosexual.”

(Clare) No! That can’t possibly be! But of course, if it were Obama, that would be the perfect candidate.

I had an experience with the Lord where He took me to a Mosque in the middle east, there were cobras coming out from behind the central worship area and when He took me back there I saw a throne covered with an awning at the end of a very, very long narrow room where men were seated on the floor cross legged, talking to one another. At the left hand of the throne, seated on the floor was Osama Bin Laden. They were all waiting for the Mahdi. Along with that I saw who I would one day recognize as Obama, at the Capitol rotunda appearing at a gala in his honor, and being introduced as our Savior. 'Our savior is here!' And then he introduced Obama.

(Jesus) “Oh yes, it is possible. The agenda is total corruption and everything laid before the world will lead only to debauchery, even molestation of children. Oh yes, Clare, it is coming. Believe Me, it is already established in the groundwork of this government. It will soon be legalized and fact. Do you see now that the whole world is one sewer of corruption before Me? Do you understand… There is no more time left?


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