Suicide is not your way out of Punishment... Please Heartdwellers, pray ❤️ Love Letter from Jesus

Published April 22, 2021 49 Views

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Jesus says
Suicide is not your
way out of punishment
Heartdwellers, please pray

August 27, 2018 - Words from Jesus to Sister Clare

Clare began... During prayer this morning, I had a vision of the Mother of Jesus—Mary— hovering above the capitol rotunda. She was surrounded by angels. And there were other angels, coming and going with great activity. It was a very busy time. So, I asked... 'Lord, who are these angels, and what are they doing?'

Jesus answered... "I have sent My Mother, the one with the most tender heart among mankind, with My angels. I have asked her to help these men and women see what they have done and repent, bringing forth public apologies and turning to Me for forgiveness.

"They will receive the message much better from her than from a man, because most of them have had horrible relationships with their fathers and have formed an image of Me in their minds that is totally false.

"So, I have sent her as My Ambassador of Repentance, through the power of the Holy Spirit, that these might at least be spared the fires of Eternal torment. And the way in which the first ones go has a strong effect on what the others will do. Clare, she is My Ambassador of Mercy to these men under indictment.

"I wish for all of you to pray for them, and even ask My Mother to pray for them, because her prayers are still the most powerful among creation. She who formed Me in her womb, brought Me forth, and suffered the prophecies of how I would be given up to die. She who faithfully stood by My side and offered the dearest thing in her life for sinners. And she who has moved the heart of the Father countless times when there was no other hope.

"Just as at the wedding at Cana, so even now, it is her footsteps in the Throne Room that bring My Father to tears—and He simply cannot deny her heart’s desire.

"And that is why Satan hates her so vehemently. He knows that if she steps in at the last moment, he will lose that soul that he worked so hard to bring to Hell. On this account, he has twisted and perverted her role to all Christians, so they would shun her and not enlist her prayers.

"Satan has a counterfeit for everything — even a wicked queen of Heaven, who he invented to bring My Mother to shame among the nations.

"But nothing shall defile this pure vessel. No man can do this, he only defiles himself. So, I am indeed asking you to request her intercession for those who are going to be arrested. I have given this task into her jurisdiction.

"And as far as prayer goes, not only her. But I am asking you to notify all your intercessors and prayer warriors, that thousands of souls are at stake right now, because of what is about to take place.

"Heartdwellers, I want you to handle this differently, so you are not in your flesh. Rather than gloating over these, as if you were free of sin, I want you to be weeping over these and begging My Father for mercy."

(Clare) Lord, how should we ask for your mother's intercession?

(Jesus) "The same way you would call a friend and ask them to pray. She has the gift of hearing simultaneous requests, through her union with the Holy Spirit, as many in Heaven do.