...not that i didn't want them to leave

Published April 22, 2021 16 Views

Rumble i want yawl to see what i'm seeing
beautiful X3
i love cows...they will be missed
if i had a cow it would not be slaughtered!
i would end up befriending the animals
the chicken on my tray has already been slaughtered
the chicken would die in vain if i don't eat it
gonna make a race joke on chicken but...
people get mad when you talk about THEIR stereotype
kitchens are so dirty and talk shit
real life people make real life jokes
fuck comedians
best comedy will be relevant no matter what
love mitch hedberg, can't stress it enough
censorship will ALWAYS pose a threat
people will ALWAYS be very stupid
america will ALWAYS suck life/joy outta you unless you can cheat the system
i talk weird either get over it or get on w/ it and off my motherfuckin channel bitch
pansies can't handle my mouth...customers, "friends," boyfriends, comics hahaha
being yer own boyfriend ain't as pathetic as it sounds i promise

BREAKING: Rumble to Combine with NASDAQ listed CFVI