Are You Befuddled?

Published April 22, 2021 53 Views

Rumble #1MinuteEncouragement Befuddled?? The enemy loves to befuddle our relationships! Got a relationship that is twisted up in strife? God mind funk? What thoughts are you thinking about this relationship? I think… Are your thoughts assumptions, speculations, presuppositions? These are not truth and will twist up your mind into an overthinking twisted up mind funk. We believe assumptions to be true and then we make speculations and presuppositions that are not true. Then we prescribe the relationship the way the enemy has tricked us to believe it is. Why do we torment ourselves over something that is not true? Why do we let wave after wave of false narrative run up and down the corridor of our minds and disrupt our friendships? The best thing we can do is say no to the fake reality of assumption and speculation and “what if” questions and just stick with the reality of truth. Who answers our “what if” questions, not God, He deals in reality! The enemy of our soul will answer our “what if” questions with his fake reality and cause as much befuddled thinking as he can so he can steal, kill and destroy our relationships. Heart To Heart, let’s think up with truth and not let our mind become the enemies playground. Say no to the enemies befuddle mind games! #DigDeeper