The Dangerous Truth About Today’s Marijuana: Johnny Stack’s Life and Death Story

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The Dangerous Truth About Today’s Marijuana: Johnny Stack’s Life and Death Story

Featured expert: Laura Stack, MBA, CSP, CPAE 


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Before marijuana, Johnny Stack was a computer whiz with a 4.0 GPA and a perfect math score on the SAT. He was a funny, charming, handsome young man, with a college scholarship and a bright future. After marijuana, he stole his family dog from the home and threatened to kill it without payment from his mother. On Nov. 20, 2019, Johnny took his life. With moving candor, Laura traces the first warning signs, their attempts at rehabilitation, her desperation, and his demise. Through this tragic, transparent tale, Laura hopes to help parents save their youth from the harms of marijuana.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this 45-minute webinar, participants will learn how to:
1. Learn About the High-Potency Marijuana Products Used by Today’s Youth.
2. Understand the Results of Legalizing Medical Marijuana for 18-Year-Olds.
3. Know How Adolescent Marijuana Use Can Lead to Mental Illness and Psychosis.
4. Review the Scientific Connection Between Marijuana and Suicide in Youth.

Speaker Bio

Laura Stack is Johnny’s mom. Professionally, she is better known as The Productivity Pro®, the bestselling author of eight previous books on productivity and performance topics. She is in the Speaker Hall of Fame and has given keynote speeches and training seminars to major corporate, association, and government audiences for nearly 30 years. Laura then gained the undesired wisdom of knowing what it’s like to lose one’s child.

To help her heal from her tragedy while sitting home due to COVID, Laura formed a 501c3 nonprofit, Johnny’s Ambassadors, to educate parents and teens about the dangers of today’s high-THC marijuana on the developing adolescent mind. She hopes to help other parents keep it from happening to them by honestly and boldly sharing Johnny’s story. Laura believes saving lives and getting teens to #StopDabbing would be a positive outcome to her great tragedy.

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