Branch Covidians, Socialist Distancing and Fascism 2021

Published April 20, 2021 4,416 Views

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Intro Vid: MASKING IN YOUR SLEEP - Media Bear:

They Live Dr Fraudci:

The plandemic is a religion by Matt @statomattic:

Covidiots dance to Staying Alive with bubble on head:

98% of French teachers say 'non' to AstraZeneca: Mass vaccination centre offering jab to over-55s is forced to close after just 58 people out of 3,000 signed up:

Meanwhile, in Soho, London. Yesterday:

Taiwan, 23.5 million people, never locked down. Near zero stringencies, except some border checks. Covid deaths: 11:

Fauci’s astonishing reasoning to explain case curves is “Texas is doing well because people are still following the lockdowns while Californians and other lockdown states are not.” (Fauci says you are speaking so fast I cant understand and the graphic is too far away he cant see it!... then Chair cuts off and doesn’t allow more questions):

Oregon Health Officials Propose Making Mask Mandates Permanent:

Ontario, Canada is now officially a police state:

Armed checkpoints appear along Ontario-Manitoba border:

Ottawa police checkpoints into Ottawa:

Tik Tok Nurses:

GLOBAL WARMING, OVERPOPULATION - From Resident Evil The Final Chapter. The red queen informs Alice about the secret file in which Dr. Isaacs presents Earth's future and talks about cleansing the world using the T virus. He makes it clear that the planet is struggling because of the human race (talks about how bible had apocalypse before and they’ll do it again, elites will survive by living underground)

Bear Market (Monero OG) Music Video:

WHAT IS THE BEST ALTCOIN FOR 2021???🔹ARRR PREDICTIONS & ANALYSIS 2021 - Contrarian Dude - Max Wright:

Doug Casey’s Take: