20210420 Advocating for Mental Health discussions

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20210420 Advocating for Mental Health discussions -- Helping break the stigma that surrounds mental health. Mental illness can happen to anyone, it's not a weakness,  it's simply an illness. Celebrate Recovery Provides a Safe Place and supportive environment for people to openly discuss their mental health struggles as one of life’s Hurts, Hang-Ups & Habits.
Celebrate Recovery is not a set of Mental Health Experts, Psychologists or Psychiatrists, we are simply bringers of joy and witnesses to the hope that is possible.
You don’t have to suffer in silence and You’re not alone
Celebrate Recovery is inviting, caring and loving toward all coming in with mental health struggles. As Celebrate Recovery continues to work toward breaking the mental health stigma, we need to equip ourselves with a toolbox of ways to be there for those with challenges in Mental Health.
Celebrate Recovery is a Ministry of the local Church as well as Spiritual Discipleship Program and a localized Mission field

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