11 American Nations Review: Episode 11 (Revolution)

Published April 19, 2021 24 Views

Rumble This week we delve into the Revolutionary War. As we will learn, the revolution was a much more complex war than we have been taught. Each nation had to decide whether life would be better under the British or not. And for some nations this would lead them into direct conflict with their neighbors.
Our story of revolution many not have been a gloriously unified march to freedom like we have been taught. And it may have been full of internal struggles and divisions- but the American Revolution, despite all its imperfections, is a radically optimistic story. Why? Because it highlights that for the first time, Americans found something worth unifying and dying for. Somewhere, amidst that struggle, the notion of freedom for all became a dream. It became a possibility. And it was shared. Americans- of all races marched onto the fields of battle, shoulder to shoulder, as brothers in pursuit of that dream. We, are the lucky inheritors of that dream. And we too often forget it.