Bulgaria: the non-representative democracy

2 years ago

On April 4th the General Election was held in Bulgaria. Another stage of the political, social and cultural degradation and destitution was marked. This time the most emblematic element was the massive vote for a freshly formed party led by a primitive TV host and con artist Slavi Trifonov. His "party" ended up second, after the oligarchic clan led by the notorious gangster and Bulgaria's PM for the last dozen years Boyko Borissov. The central opposition organization - the Bulgarian Socialist Party was degraded to the 3rd place; this is how his voters "thanked" it for transforming itself into a purely bureaucratic, spineless structure that put forward pro-business economic agenda and a rather maniacal patriotism, which was difficult to distinguish from some far-right nationalistic and anti-progressive hysterical clichés.
Maria Cernat and Boyan Stanislavski, the hosts of "On the barricades" sat down to discuss this matter with the Bulgarian analyst, academic and author Todor Todorov.
They discussed not only the outcome of the elections and the actual pat situation for Borissov's oligarchic club, but also the utter plight of the Bulgarian Left, that over the last decades, hasn't come up with any inspiring vision or a program of radical changes and departures, from the plutocratic capitalist system.
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