Canada's Socialists - More Drug Deaths Than Covid

Published April 19, 2021 455 Views

Rumble Incompetent Commie Jagmeet Singh Slammed For Praising Communist Fidel Castro While Attacking US President Donald Trump

Singh is what happens when someone without any actual political skills thinks spouting ‘woke’ talking points means anything.

An NDP government will commit to phasing out the Canadian Armed Forces,” the policy states.

“All members of the Canadian Armed Forces will be retrained, at the expense of the federal government, into civil service roles that help expand Canadian, provincial and municipal social services, such as expanded health care, education, community services, public transit and parks.”

Canada's Green Party Leader Told Us About Her Convo With Legault On Systemic Racism

Canada's Green Party leader, Annamie Paul, says political leaders across the country should speak with one voice in terms of acknowledging systemic racism — and she told Quebec Premier François Legault as much in a December 2020 meeting.

MTL Blog asked Paul about her discussion with Legault, as well as her views on Bill 21, otherwise known as Quebec's secularism law.

Immigration & The End Of Canadian Culture

Canadian Culture Cannot Survive the Current Immigration Wave—it Will Either Evolve or be Replaced

Canada’s demographic landscape is changing fast. This is due to immigration, which accounts for the bulk of Canada’s population growth. In fact, Canada has one of the highest per-capita immigration rates in the world—three times more people move to Canada every year than to America, once population size is accounted for.

Multiculturalism: A Failed Policy

Numerous heads of state including Nicolas Sarkozy (France), Angela Merkel (Germany), and David Cameron (UK) have recently proclaimed that multiculturalism has been an utter failure (see here). Many people are baffled by this position as they confuse multiculturalism as a political normative philosophy with the colloquial use of the term meant to represent cultural, religious, and ethnic heterogeneity (or pluralism). The latter meaning is a very laudable objective to pursue as such diversity creates a richer social tapestry. On the other hand, Multiculturalism (hereafter capitalized) in the first sense of the term is more than merely a failed political philosophy. It is a central cause of the slow erosion of Western civilization. For an in-depth critique of this political philosophy, see Salim Mansur’s book Delectable Lie: A Liberal Repudiation of Multiculturalism.

Gun Buybacks Paper Over Ineffective Gun Control

Gun buyback programs are back in the news in the wake of the tragic terrorist attacks in New Zealand. As we have discussed here before, the only thing these programs accomplish is to waste taxpayer money on a useless collection of old, broken or simply unwanted firearms from non-criminals.

Vermont GOP governor opens up COVID vaccines for those who identify as Black, Indigenous or person of color

Vermont is opening up coronavirus vaccine eligiblity to anyone over 16 years of age who identifies as Black, Indigenous or a person of color — prompting fierce criticism online for excluding White people.

Republican Gov. Phil Scott tweeted about the move on Thursday as states gradually opened eligibility to various populations. So far, the process has tended to focus on people who are vulnerable because of their occupation, age or health status

Drug overdose deaths far exceed COVID-19 in British Columbia

In Canada’s west coast province of British Columbia, deaths from overdoses of drugs have hit record levels in May and June.

In May there were 170 overdose deaths, June recorded 175, which is a new record and represents a 130 per cent increase over June 2019. The total number of COVID deaths this year in the province is 189, with no new deaths reported compared to a total of 728 overdose deaths this year.