Biden Once Thought Packing Courts Was A Bonehead Idea!

Published April 19, 2021 221 Views

Rumble #Democrats are now officially attempting to pack the #SupremeCourt with more liberal Justices so they get back the majority. Have you ever seen a more power-hungry bunch? The late #SCOTUS judge #RuthBaderGinsburg actually thought it was a really bad idea and that it would be a move to politicize the highest court in our land and insert partisanship. I guess Democrats aren’t listening to her anymore? #JerryNadler is spearheading the effort, however #NancyPelosi is slow walking it saying we need to see what the liberal commission says. Hmm I wonder what they’ll say. Should we grant ourselves more power or naw? Boy that must be a tough one for Democrats. 😥 #JoeBiden once called the idea “a bonehead idea” but a few decades later he decided to form a commission (of Democrats) to “study” it