04/16/2021 Patrick Byrne Interview Health & Freedom Conference Tulsa OK His Glory

Published April 17, 2021 6,746 Views

Rumble April 16, 2021: Patrick Byrne Interview at the Health and Freedom Conference in Tulsa, OK, by His Glory.

The government has to give us elections that are free, fair, and transparent. A democratic judge in a case involving two democrats decided that in a June primary, 78% of the mail-in ballots were fraudulent. The judge ordered a new election.

This is an egg that can't be unscrambled. I think that we have to order a new election in the five or six states. The current president has no legitimacy, and we have to have a new election.

The Deep Rig: How Election Fraud Cost Donald J. Trump the White House, By a Man Who did not Vote for Him (or what to send friends who ask, "Why do you doubt the integrity of Election 2020") by Patrick M. Byrne

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