From Wuhan to Covid to Vaccine ..all since unleashing 5G in Dec 2019

Published April 16, 2021 1,109 Views

Did the woman collapsing in Denmark Press Conference bring back any recent memories of Wuhan in Dec 2019!?

Haven't seen it? Here it is:

Looked the same right? What happened in Wuhan China in Dec 2019 and also on the Diamond Princess at the same time..5G was unleased...What are the effects of microwave radiation on the human body? The same symptoms as covid and what is the reason then for the shot? ( Which is gene therapy not a vaccine?) well..I wonder...and we all wonder what will happen once many are vaccinated and they turn up the frequency of the 60mhz..we will definitely see a variance but it may not be what the general public is expecting. Thanks Ken for sharing this information. I will site the original channel below

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