A Video Explaining the Relationship Between the Insurer and Defense Counsel

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Rumble Lawyers & Adjusters Must Work Together

Defense Counsel

Whenever an insured is sued and requires a defense or the insurer is sued, the insurance adjuster and the defense attorney must understand their respective roles in preparing the case for trial. They must develop a rapport with each other and with the insured person or entity that is being defended, to make communication easier to maintain. Bad faith lawsuits and poorly tried bodily injury cases seem to arise when the adjuster and the defense attorney fail to communicate regularly with each other and the policy holder.

At the first meeting, the attorney and the adjuster should agree on the division of labor with regard to the preparation of the case, according to their respective training and experience. Counsel and the claims person should reach an agreement regarding the handling of the case.

Challenges to Use of in House Counsel

Defense counsel are sometimes employees of the insurance company. Some attorneys have challenged the use of in-house counsel on the ground that the insurer, as an employer of attorneys, is not licensed to practice law. They claimed that the insurer was engaged in the unauthorized practice of law—a crime. Attorneys in Texas convinced a trial court on the issue but the decision was reversed on appeal.

Attorneys have also raised challenges against house counsel because the employee attorney is alleged to be serving two different masters. As an employee of the insurer (it is alleged) the attorney cannot do justice to both his client, the insured, and his employer, the insurer.

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