Democrats Introduce Bill To Pack the Supreme Court With 4 New Justices, Superseding Biden's EO

Published April 15, 2021 19 Views

Rumble Someone should have told Ed Markey, Mondaire Jones, Hank Johnson and Jerry Nadler that Biden signed an Executive Order to explore the idea of packing the Supreme Court, that way the would have been able to spare themselves the embarrassment that is this 4th Trimester abortion that answers to the name "The Judiciary Act of 2021". It's sole goal is to add 4 new Justices in order to match the 13 Circuit Courts in the country and rEsToRe ThE cOuRtS bAlAnCe. Dem's are still butthurt over the appointment of Amy Coney Barret. Republican's are too, but that's because she's Roberts in a Dress.

Biden Executive Order:
The Epoch Times:

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