Creed of the Conservative Republican!

Published April 15, 2021 156 Views

Conservative Republicans hunger to help those that cannot help themselves!
We want to give the less fortunate the opportunity and the ability to achieve Greatness and Independence without any means of Government help and Government Spending!
We bring Liberty and Freedom to the American People! Best of all, we provide a Great and Prosperous Future for All, a Stronger America!
If we cannot perform any of this by way of Government, then we have not tried hard enough. We will find a better way, WE must find a Better way!
Our Charge, as a Conservative Republican, is that we have to meet the needs of the less fortunate American.
We must convince them that we can help and that we can change their lives for the better.
We Have to Convince them that they Can trust IN us with their Lives and with their Futures.
We Must Convince them that we can Lead them in the direction of Liberty, Prosperity, and Freedom!
And, That they do not have to rely on Any form of Government, to achieve this way of Life.

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