Truth Broadcast #6 {4/14/21} Pt. 7: 666, SRA, Pindar, mRNA Vaccines, The Mark & Fall of The Cabal †

Published April 14, 2021 838 Views

Rumble Welcome to Part 7 of Truth Broadcast #6, the final part of this Docuseries that is exposing the shadows of the Old World Power Structure, as well as all of the progress that the Army of God has made to bring down the Synagogue of Satan †

In part 7, we will look at a brief part of the Documentary "Fall Cabal", followed by testimony from Timothy Ballard of Operation Underground Railroad, who explains the importance of a border wall in preventing child sex trafficking †

Fall Cabal:

Tim Ballard's full testimony:

We then turn to President Trump, who shares about the horrors of child trafficking as well as detailing all that his administration has done to end this demonic activity, as his "administration is 100% committed to eradicating human trafficking from the Earth" †

Trump's full speech:

Gene Decode's Underground War Happening Now:

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