Biden sends ex-officials to visit Taiwan; State department condemns attack on Epoch Times

Published April 14, 2021 72 Views $0.01 earned

Rumble A U.S. intelligence report lists the Chinese communist regime as the top threat to America.

President Biden sends an unofficial delegation to Taiwan. It’s being called a “personal signal” of his commitment to the island’s freedom. At the same time, a U.S. climate envoy has gone to China, seeking cooperation with Beijing on climate change.

Chinese people voiced excitement as the first batch of vaccines made outside China arrived in the country. But the news was soon blocked by authorities -- raising questions about whether the foreign vaccines were only intended for the privileged few.

A new mandate from Beijing is forcing dozens of tech companies to align with the Chinese Regime’s policy. This follows an unprecedented penalty slapped on shopping giant Alibaba.

And an 85-year-old father is begging people across China to help him seek justice for his late son. His son was a prisoner of conscience before passing away.