The Covid-19 Experimental Drug Vaccines are DANGEROUS - The Call for a Second Nuremberg Trial

2 years ago

In this episode of The Professor's Record, I interview Dr. Richard Fleming. Dr. Fleming has 52 years experience in the medical profession as a nuclear cardiologist, and is a chief authority on how the Covid-19 experimental drug vaccines are not only deadly, but can forever change the human body. We discuss the origins of Covid-19, whether its purpose was that of a biological weapon, and whether the three major experimental drugs being forced upon the world's populations are crimes against humanity.

Disclaimer: Dr. Fleming is not without controversy, and he wants you to know that. Google his name and all kinds of unsavory things come up. What is fact? What is fiction? Should you listen to him? You decide. Regardless, Dr. Fleming is willing to answer his critics because he believes his research will save lives right now. The Professor's Record is willing to let him share what he thinks, and you will have the opportunity discern whether his advice should be followed or ignored.

Dr. Fleming's controversial history is not the subject of this interview. However, you can learn about what he has faced in the following links.

"Dr. Richard Fleming explains how he was targeted for his work challenging the medical establishment and its official narratives–especially when those narratives cost Big Pharma some of its huge profits. From the FBI twisting the arm of his employees to concocting charges in defiance of all the evidence, Dr. Fleming has been subjected to extreme abuse. To make it stop, he finally pleaded guilty to two non-crimes. This is the story. He also exposes some of the deception surrounding the COVID vaccines, which are not approved by the FDA and which were only subjected to very defective studies. Now, Fleming is working on finding ways to help people injured by vaccines–a problem he says is likely to be enormous."

Your are the jury. You decide.

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