Blood Money April 8, 2021 By Anna Von Reitz

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Blood Money April 8, 2021 By Anna Von Reitz

First, let's review what actual money is.

Actual money has value in its own right ---- meaning intrinsic value. Gold has value based on what it is, so does silver. Coinage made of these metals has intrinsic value as a result, and that value can be determined and unitized based on how much of the metal is used to make the coin, the purity of the metal, and so on. This is called the bullion value.

There is also the face value, which is stamped on the coinage. The two things, bullion value and face value, may or may not be closely associated depending on market fluctuations, inflation, reputation of the issuing authority, and other less tangible factors.

A coin may also have numismatic value, which is its value as a collector's item.

These three values taken together establish the Market Value of a coin.

Any of the other things that we use "as" money, including paper notes and credit cards and bitcoin-type digital currencies, are not money. They are certificates representing actual gold or silver assets held in a repository, or they are notes amounting to "promises to pay" or other forms of Commercial Script. Paper has no significant intrinsic value, so must be "accepted" as having whatever face value is printed on it. The act of accepting it gives it value.

Understandably, people resist accepting "paper for gold" ---or oil, or silver, or any other actual commodity, and must usually be imposed upon by Legal Tender Laws before they will do so.

The classic example we have just used to describe actual money must be amended somewhat due to the advent of other asset-backed currencies, such as the "Petrodollar". The value of such currencies is also "pegged" and related to a unitized value of a specific commodity, such as one gallon of grade A crude oil. There is no theoretical end to the variety of such asset-backed currencies.

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