Emergency Message from Gen Flynn & Gen McInerney

Published April 13, 2021 43,317 Views

Rumble General Flynn and General McInerney reveal the stolen election, Vaccine danger, Insurgency and more on His Glory. Censorship is at its highest & people need to know the danger we are currently facing!!! Please spread the word!!!

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Primary Sources I use in my research and clips:

The Gateway Pundit
Real Raw News
Some sources listed in videos.
Rumble Channels:
Simon Parkes
Charlie Freak ( Freak Sense)
Thrive time radio show
Illuminate the Darkness
Project Camelot TV on telegram
Christian News
Sky news
Fox News

Bitchute Channels:
Simon Parkes, CirstenW, Charlie Ward
DarkOutpostTV (Gene Decode)
David Zublik
McAllister TV
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Cirsten W
Mel K

Youtube Channels:
Michael Jaco
Steve Motley
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Google images
The Gateway Pundit
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Twitter Terrance Williams
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