Santos Bonacci Visits Charlie Freak's Animal Rescue Sanctuary

3 years ago

Santos Bonacci came to Visit us in Mexico and stayed with us for close to a week, during that time Santos made this LIVE Video on our Shire Animal Rescue Sanctuary here in Mexico...Santos also then gifted to our Animals a large donation for their continued Health, Safety and Environment...thank you so much Santos for ALL of your tireless Love and Support to Colleen and I for our Sacred Sanctuary for Abandoned and Injured Animals...we Love You so very much!

Currently, Colleen and I look after 22 Cats, 25 Dogs, Birds, Horses and Goats (our Possums sadly passed away as they have a short life expectancy). Any assistance to help us in the taking care of, and building permanent facilities for our beautiful Animals would be greatly appreciated, as it takes a large sum of money, for us, to provide for them, each and every Month...

Thank you so much for all your Love and Support, and enjoy getting to meet our Furry Family, thru Santos Bonacci!

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